Have you ever.....

I realise I'm the newbie on the block. You know very little about me and visa-versa.  So in the spirit of Meredith's suggestion to throw a light-hearted post out there, I thought I'd take one of my kids' favourite games and add a twist.

So here is mine and Matt's personal version of the game "Have You Ever?"  (Yes, he's sitting here helping me think of questions.  Love him to bits -- but I think he's having too much fun with this!)  Please feel free post your own answers to these if you wish -- I'd love to read your answers as well, so I know we're not the only crazy couple out there.

Have You Ever....

Had one of your kids unknowingly pick up or use one of your implements? 
  • Well, we did have one of our daughters walk out of our room using Matt's hairbrush, as she couldn't find hers.  I literally yelped.  She gave me a really weird look as I smiled and took the brush from her and told her to go look for her own.  (I probably wouldn't have been quite so jumpy, except my dear husband has learned that both sides of our particular brush are effective, so I couldn't bear the thought of that thing going through her hair! LOL)

Hid an implement?
  • Nope. I'm not that brave. And to be honest, I enjoy the variety.  (Though, I've yet to feel a proper cane or a leather paddle. I hear both are quite......effective.)

Had an uninvited audience for a spanking?
  • Um....kind-of. Not long ago I enjoyed a nice long check-in.  Matt spanked me with his hand (so that very specific smacking sound in perfect rhythm) complete with his Dom voice and promises of "more where that came from" etc.  It wasn't until the spanking was over that we realised we left our bedroom window open.  This wouldn't have been a big deal except that this was during peak time for parents and kids to be walking past our house for school! (That was an education they didn't bargain for!)  I was mortified....for days. 

Had an implement break while being in use?
  • Yes. Several.  Mostly tilt wands.  They are quiet and so we use them often in the evenings when the teens are in bed, and we can't risk them hearing.  Thankfully, you can buy them in bulk at any hardware shop. :)

Stood up or walked out from a spanking?
  • Unfortunately, yes.  I posted about that here (When Given a Choice).  Not one of my best days.....at all.

Purchased an implement yourself....for yourself?
  • Just once. It was an impulse purchase.  I was shopping and this beautiful, elongated cheese board was on sale.  Totally worth the purchase.  It's still one of my favourite implements - a year later. 

Have you ever had a session where all the implements were used?
  • Nope. I'm a wimp. I don't think I could handle it....not even for fun play.  Maybe in the early days, when I seemed tougher than nails.  But the longer we practise ttwd, the softer I've become...inside and out. 

Had to explain "weird noises" coming from your bedroom?
  • Yep.  When we first began this journey several years ago, our kids were still quite young and gullible.  They wanted to know what hand-clapping game we were playing, while they were watching telly.  We quickly made something up and laughed it off.  They totally believed us.....we think!

Been spanked outside of the comfort of your four walls?
  • Yep. Just this year.  First time. I shared that embarrassing story already.  (Blushing at Both Ends.)  Longest 5 seconds of my life. 

Spanked your significant other?
  • I actually have, but not any more.  Matt used to have me use a new implement on him first, so he fully understood its impact.  I did it about 3 times before I (respectfully) asked that we stop this practise.  I trust him totally and I am in no way (NO WAY) a spanker.  I cried after each time I spanked him. He didn't cry -- I did. Go figure.

Been spanked in a hotel room/resort?
  • Yes I have.  This is where the bristle-side of our hairbrush comes in handy.....for him. :( 

Been spanked with your own belt?
  • Up until this past month - it was always my belt.  I have a nice, soft, wide....did I mention soft....leather belt.  I loved that belt.  Then, as I had just recently posted, Matt purchased a new one and I learned real quick that Not All Belts Are Created Equal.  

So, there you have it.  A snapshot of some of my memorable/not-so-memorable moments.  Please feel free to share some of your own -- I'd hate to be the only one with these embarrassing moments on display! :) :)



  1. Hi Shell, It's my first time here. Welcome to Blogland!! I've been around for a few years but my husband is working out of the country until May 31 so I don't get out much. Not much spanking going on when I'm on my own. Anyway, we too have a favorite cheese board. Ahhh yes, the magic.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Amy! Wow - I can't fathom being away from my hubby that long. I just wrote an article about Matt being away for 5 weeks -- and that was tooooo long for me! (My Sir. His Babygirl. post) Man that has to be tough!

      And yes, I do love my cheeseboard, and my hairbrush......his hairbrush! LOl Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully we can all work together to encourage you until May! You got this.

      hugs-- shell

  2. Hi Shell,

    I love this! We have had implements break, and sometimes during the most serious moment too, which kinda changed the mood somewhat lol. I did purchase a rather sturdy wooden spoon once, which is more like a paddle and yes, we have enjoyed spanking in the outdoors on occasion:)


    1. Thanks Roz! LOL!! What is with this group and outdoors?!?! I really really am hoping my castle escapade is my one-and-only outdoor experience. Too vulnerable....even for a spanko like me. :)

  3. Hi, Shell! Enjoyed your answers. Laughing!

    1. My mom picked up our green garden stick (bamboo type thing) once from our CLOSET (she was in there hanging up clothes) and then she put the stick back in the garage.!

    2. Never hid an implement.
    3. Never had n unintended audience.
    4. Storm once broke a very thin dowel rod while he was spanking me. I heard spank spank spank, "Ah crap!"
    5. I never walked out of or stopped a spanking before , but I did say, 'I'm bored" once after a spanking ....... never said THAT again!
    6. Never bought an implement for myself, but I have been with Storm during suspicious purchases in the home improvement store (dowel rods) and sports store (ping pong paddle.)
    7. Yes, spanked with all implements in one session, but we only have 2 or 3 at the most, and Storm was just "practicing." No memorable spanking with all implements lined up and ready to go though!
    8. Never had to explain weird noises.
    9. Yes, spanked outside the 4 walls....... in hotel room 2 or 3 times just this past year!
    10. Never truly spanked Storm.... have smacked him with my hand though lots of times because I like his rear end..... but that is just one flirty smack at time. Storm has done the "noise test" before on his own thigh while I stood outside the door to see how loud it was. After just few, he said we were done because it HURT! Laughing!
    11. Yes, to the hotel room!
    12. No, with my own belt.

    Fun post, Shell ! Thanks for sharing and letting us play along! Hugs! Windy

    1. Awe Windy! I LOVE your answers. On a slow blog-day you just need to make this a post. :) And yes, I'm thinking I read the "bored" post -- but that was before I started commenting. Hmm.....I may have to read it again and this time put my two-cents in! LOL jk

      Hugs -- shell

  4. This looks like a bit of fun. Sort of reminds me of the time we all played The NewlyRed Game on our blogs. I don't have a blog, so I'll just highjack your comment thread. LOL

    1 No I don't think so. Though our first Christmas after starting I realized the olive wood spatula we used to lift the turkey out of the pan with was in our room in his 'tool box'. I sheepishly had to retrieve it and bring it through a room full of guests to the kitchen. If anyone noticed, no one said anything.
    2.I wouldn't say hide per se...more like pitched it across the room after he left and forgot about it until he 'needed' it. Oh and once *year 2 I think, I packaged them all up and put them in the attic.
    3. Probably. We own a townhome so no doubt our neighbours have heard some sort of noises, especially the Red Oak Paddle from Blondie's store. I swear birds take flight when B strikes me with it!
    4. Several as well- most memorable a rattan cane, who knew you were supposed to treat those things? Once at the start when he still use kitchen utensils he had a silicone spatula with a cupcake on the end (I swear he just used it so he could say, " Buns meet cupcake"). One day the cupcake flew across the room. LOL. You know you could invest in a lexan cane from Cane iac instead of all those tilt wands. They do NOT break. They do bend, but bending it into Zesus's lightening bolt is far less satisfying than snapping it I can assure you...don't ask.
    5, Yes I have purchased implements as 'gifts'. Every year B and I have Kinky Xmas Eve, where we exchange ttwd type gifts for each other. It makes me laugh when I think about it, because the things I 'get' are really for him to torture me with anyway. LOL
    6. Only once Shell? I have done this several times, not that I am proud. B often restrains my feet so it is difficult to walk away, but it has happened in highly charged situations, ya know my feet aren't tied together. Somehow I think that would ruin the affect. I shall go read your post on it later
    7 My first reaction to this was OMG NO! The man has more implements than he has screwdrivers! Then I recalled our first week practicing ttwd, and he had lined up all the 'pervertables' he found in our house, kitchen utensils, plastic hanger, coax cable etc. and he tried them out while asking me what they were like. In a punishment situation? I'd be dead now if he did.
    8. No, but they have come home or woken up while he was spanking me. He never uses his hand, or very , very rarely, so the other noises can be more explained away.
    9/11.Yes often. B tries to take us away several times a year for that purpose alone. I am very good at spotting secluded Air Bnb rentals. LOL
    10. Unfortunately yes, and the same result as you I cried. B asked me to strike him with the devil's braid last year when we were away to prove a point. I couldn't believe he was asking that of me ( he didn't tell me the point he was trying to make initially). Upon the request I started to cry, then I became angry that he'd ask such a thing and a 'mask' came into place. I channelled that anger and did what he told me to ( being a submissive sucks sometimes). I only managed 3 strikes before he stood up cursing! LOL. He went on to tell me his point, that he couldn't make because he understood my point. It was so awful for me.
    12. No. He does use one of my belts as part of a restraining system to 'hang' me from the ceiling though. LOL

    Sheesh we seem rather tumultuous don't we? Let's just say that in 7 years we have covered a lot of ground! LOL
    Thanks for giving me something to do in the wee hours before dawn on a Saturday!


    1. Just rereading. I should explain, B restraining my feet has nothing to do with me walking away. LOL. I don't reach back during a spanking, but I tend to bring my feet up ( he is more partial to me is a semi standing position - bent over a chest freezer for example). There how is that for TMI?

    2. LOL!! Thanks for the disclaimer Willie. I have trouble with that too. I'm not telling Matt this solution though. And thanks for the fun of reading your answers as well. -- shell

  5. I love this! You've only bought one implement, huh? I've sure got you beat there. But since I'm always looking for post ideas I'll do a post at my place for an answer next week. You all did a great job with this. Occasionally 'Cassie' likes to answer questions like this. I'll let you know if she decides to post.

    1. Awe PK. I would LOVE this -- you and Cassie. :) :) I'll be looking out for those posts.

      And yep, I only bought one. I'm not that brave. Even if I was only buying a wooden spoon FOR the kitchen -- my face would glow just thinking about whether or not Matt would end up using it on my behind. I really shied away from that kind of embarrassment. Matt on the other hand -- when we lived in the States he had no problem walking into a Spencers to see what their latest options were! Pfffffftt!

  6. This was a fun read...so many ‘have you ever’s’!
    To answer a couple.....yes we have broken a couple of small spoons in the past, but they really weren’t meant for the job at hand.
    Often my guy likes to pull out the few implements that he uses and give them all a turn, usually he just picks a favourite to really get the point across when needed.
    Yes to hotel rooms/resorts, he’s not usually deterred when on vacation!
    Yes I have stood up during a spanking only to be repositioned. Sometimes it’s just too hard to stay still!
    Thanks for the fun read Shell!

    1. Thanks for those Laurel! I'm thinking we may have broken a wooden spoon once, but yes, like you -- it just wasn't made for the task at hand. :) :)

      Rarely does Matt use more than one implement. If I see two on the bed, then I know I'm in for it and really really crossed a line. gulp.

      Hugs -- shell

  7. Love that you and Matt had fun putting this together, Shell :>)) … and the btw, in case no one has told you … you are ahead of the game for March … which is Q&A month … where folks get to ask you questions ... and you get to ask questions of others … nj ... xx

    - Had one of your kids unknowingly pick up or use one of your implements?
    … not kids but grandkids … the Ping Pong Paddle (the dreaded triple P) was our very first DD (D/s impact play aside) .. an implement of ‘ass destruction’ :>)) … it got used once … it’s next appearance was in the hands of the four year old grandson … looking for the ping pong ball that went with it :>))
    - Hid an implement?
    … uh yeah … recently I ‘slightly’ moved the newest addition (you read the post :>)) from it’s prominent place on the bathroom counter to hanging on the door towel rack … maybe under a towel … I figured out of sight out of mind … sigh! … it wasn’t gone for long :>)) Frank came looking :>)
    - Had an uninvited audience for a spanking?
    … not entirely sure … we don’t have anyone living with us but we do have ‘kids with keys’ who live nearby. We think maybe the SiL got a little more than an earful one Sat morning when we missed his text to say he was coming to pick up the truck (we share a utility vehicle). Lol! … he calls ahead now :>))
    - Had an implement break while being in use? … no
    - Stood up or walked out from a spanking?
    … once, I think - headspace wasn’t there … it was during the turmoil of last summer - can't remember the consequences, altho' I'm sure there were.
    - Purchased an implement yourself....for yourself?
    … maybe … we remember this differently … years ago, early D/s , we purchased as crop from a feed and tack store. I remember being embarrassed and shy and getting Frank to make the purchase. He says we both were there but I made the purchase myself.
    - Have you ever had a session where all the implements were used?… no … and not sure I want to :>))
    - Had to explain "weird noises" coming from your bedroom?… no
    - Been spanked outside of the comfort of your four walls?… yes, an AirBnB
    - Spanked your significant other?
    … we’ve tried a D/s switcheroo once or twice way back when … did nothing for either of us
    - Been spanked in a hotel room/resort?… See previous ;>)
    - Been spanked with your own belt?
    … no … I rarely wear a leather belt. The one I do wear more often (to hold my pants up :>)) is woven fabric

    1. Thanks NJ! I didn't know about March. I think I'm off the hook now. LOL

      And thanks for the answers. Like I told Windy -- on a slow blog week, you already have a blog ready to go. :) :)

      LOL!! And I can imagine the jump in your stomach when your grandson walked out with your weapon of ass-destruction! LOL

  8. Shell,

    We are away and time is against me here. My guy searched until he found the implement of his dreams and he has never looked back. No broken implements and our empty nest means so noises from the bedroom reuiring an explanation. However, when we are going to do a big spanking, I walk into the bedroom. The paddle is on the bed and the windows have recently been closed. Good grief........ I worry and then the worry stops and I am bare.

    1. Thanks Meredith. And thanks for helping me with it. :) I'm just glad that it sounds like Jack remembers to close the window. I wish we had been so lucky. :) :)

  9. What a great idea. :)

    Had one of your kids unknowingly pick up or use one of your implements? - I had someone ask for four of one of the carpet beaters I made, and someone else ask for two. So I had it out to copy the design to make another. Forgot it out, daughter carried it around, and almost put it in her church bag for a church group before I caught it! She thinks it's a toy, thank goodness, and my parents thought it was a toy as well, like to go with a toy broom and dustpan! THANK GOODNESS.
    Hid an implement? Between child and parents in our house, it would never be safe to hide anywhere other than the locked chest we have. :)
    Had an uninvited audience for a spanking? Do cats count? lol We had a very nosy landlord, so it wouldn't surprise me if we had before we moved out.
    Had an implement break while being in use? Wooden hair brush, to be honest, the wood part was not very thick on the other side of the bristles... still... lol
    Stood up or walked out from a spanking? Stood up by mistake a few times when the pain was too much. Have learned not to do that anymore.
    Purchased an implement yourself....for yourself? I used to buy them, now we need them super quiet with so many in the house, and bedrooms touching ours, so I make them now.
    Have you ever had a session where all the implements were used? Um, no, I like being alive. ;)
    Had to explain "weird noises" coming from your bedroom? - HAHAHAA Hand Clapping Game, that is AWESOME!!! :) Might have to remember that as one of our planned excuses for if anyone ever asks. Which, thank goodness, no one has so far.
    Been spanked outside of the comfort of your four walls? The Duke's parents house... I kid you not. AUGH. Afterwards found his mother in the next room. That might have been an uninvited guest too, I was never brave enough to ask. We did only use a dowel, but who knows...
    Spanked your significant other? No, have tried to get a swat in several times, as a joke, oh, he NEVER likes that. lol
    Been spanked in a hotel room/resort? I don't think so. I'll have to double check with him.
    Been spanked with your own belt? Nope. :)

    Thank you for sharing, I loved your answers, but the Hand Clapping Game is my favourite. LOL
    Hugs, EsMay

    1. Thanks Esmay - for playing along. Love these answers. And I had never heard of a carpet beater being used until I came across your blog. Very interesting looking implement! Hmmmm

      And I can't fathom being spanked at my in-laws. I do firmly believe that if Matt's mum ever heard him spanking me ---- she'd come in and pull him over her knee!!! Oh, the thought!! :) :) :)

      Hugs -- shell

    2. LOL Might be worth it, just to see him spanked. :P KIDDING!!! lol

      I had never really heard of a carpet beater either, except as a joke, but then I saw a really beautiful one, and thought I'd try making it. We have two styles now, and I'm contemplating doing a third of one I've seen. Yep, I need help. The crafty person in me wants to see if I can pull it off. The other part of me says I'm crazy and to save my poor behind! :)

  10. So much fun learning more about you. :-) I will try answering this on my blog sometime. I love the hand clapping game. something similar happened with my children when they were smaller. Take care


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